For extended dates (longer than 12 hours) please contact me directly to arrange a quote.

I’m a born pleasure seeker and adventurer, and love flying out. If you would like to see me in your home city, or meet together at a holiday location, please contact me directly to arrange a FMTY.

Please note that all travel and accommodation costs must be taken care of, with a 6 hour date minimum.

Deposits are required for all bookings at my discretion. No deposit = no Eliza 🙁

Deposits are accepted via gift card.

In the rare chance I need to cancel our date due to illness or otherwise, your full deposit will be refunded to you with no hassle.

If you cancel our meeting within 24 hours of it beginning, the deposit will be forfeited. However, you may chose to reschedule our date for a later time on my discretion.

Rest and Relaxation (12 hr):

2000 GBP / 2300 EUR / 2800 USD

The Night Out (6 hr):

1300 GBP / 1500 EUR / 1800 USD

Dinner Date (4 hr total, 2 hr social + 2 hr private):

850 GBP / 1000 EUR / 1200 USD

Cheeky Catch-Up (3 hr):

700 GBP / 800 EUR / 1000 USD

Unwind (2 hr):

500 GBP / 600 EUR / 700 USD

The Quickie (1.5 hr):

400 GBP / 500 EUR / 550 USD

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